European History: Foundations of the American Experience 

Essential Question: How do we distinguish between freedom and oppression? 
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○ Unit 1 - The Roman Empire and Dark Age Europe 

○ Unit 3 - The New World and English Colonization 

○ Unit 4 - The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution 

○ Unit 5 -  The French and Indian War and Colonial Tension  

○ Unit 2 - The English and the Magna Carta 

Essential Question: How have ideas about participatory government evolved over time?

European History Units of Study


Essential Question: How have the values, practices, and beliefs from Greco-Roman                                             Culture endured over time?
Essential Question: Why have people throughout history been willing to use (and abuse)                                          power for personal gain?
Essential Question: What factors motivate individuals to take risks?