Essential Question: Can we preserve our values and beliefs despite new and                                                             changing  circumstances?
Essential Question: What does it mean to be an American? How has our nation’s                                                   history shaped our shared values?

○ Unit 4 - The American Civil War  

The American Experience Units of Study


○ Unit 3 - The Republic: Expansion, Compromise, and Secession

The American Experience: Freedom and Equality

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Essential Question: When is it necessary to risk “life and limb” to stand up for ones’                                           values and beliefs? 

○ Unit 1 - The American Revolution  

Essential Question: How have ideas about freedom and equality evolved                                                                    throughout the American Experience?
Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Essential Question: How can we ensure our values and beliefs are preserved for                                                     future generations? 

○ Unit 2 - The  Constitution of the United States 

○ Unit 5 - Reconstruction and Beyond